You Have A Choice Ministries , Inc 

A Christian Ministry Serving The Poor in Rural Haiti   

Share God's Word
​Creole Bibles $10.00 Each

Sharing The Faith

As a non-denominational Christian organization, we believe; while we work to help those in need, it is also important to share our faith, that gives hope to the lost and hopeless. 

​​Although, Haiti is predominantly Roman Catholic and various Protestant religions, still nearly 80% practice some form of Voodoo. We believe in giving hope through the power of Prayer!

We have recently started a community Bible Study Group that meets each week at King's Cross School. We have been gradually purchasing Bibles and have not been able to keep up with the class growth.  The study is led by one of our own teachers and about 40 people attend each week!  It is great to see people come in to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

It is a honor to share Jesus Christ in Haiti.  To see people come to know the Lord is just awesome.  Not everyone is called to be a missionary in Haiti. However in the family of believers, we all are called to share our faith where ever we are.  If you do not have a saving personal relationship with Jesus Christ, please send us a message so that you can know with certainty where you will spend eternity.

​Our missionaries share God's Word in many ways including;  solar charged Audio Bibles (for those who can't read) , the written Bible in Creole, A Weekly Bible Study group and of-course in song!