Before CC's Market was built, the nearest place to buy food or supplies was a 16 mile hike round trip, on foot!!  To provide easier access to everyday needs, the ministry built this market for the villagers. This is a not-for-profit effort, to make life just a bit easier.It has a large secure storage room and sells rice, flour, corn meal, kerosene, oil, salt and other non-perishable items. Everything is sold at the same price that it can be bought in Cabaret, which is the nearest marketplace.

New School Kitchen Built 

5,000 Gallon Cistern Installed - There's no reliable source for water in this village. People walk miles, to fill buckets of river water. There have been two prior failed attempts to dig a well and the nearby stream often goes completely dry. For now, water is "trucked in", and we were able to raise the money necessary to build an underground cistern, to store the water.

After the 2010 earthquake, the school meals were cooked in the makeshift structure (# 1 Picture),

Now the school has a secure building with a coal stove to cook lunch for the 245 students each day.

New Kitchen $2,000 

Making Progress

New underground water storage  

Barbara Ann Children's Home - Galgal 

This home was built in Memory of Barbara Ann, to help special needs children that are orphaned or abandoned . 

The World Health Organization; - The lack of any type of sewer system in Haiti is leading cause of illness and death. Most Haitians don't have access to a toilet. This lack of basic sanitation contaminates the streams and ground water, which becomes dangerous and life threatening.

$2,700 was raised and local labor was hired, to build the new cement structure at Kings Cross with a septic tank, which provides improved hygiene for everyone at King's Cross.

New Sanitiary bathroom built 

New village market

Rain Water Collection 

A rain water collection system was installed on the roof of the school, for drinking water for the goats and other animals .

You Have A Choice Ministries , Inc 

A Christian Ministry Serving The Poor in Rural Haiti