You Have A Choice Ministries , Inc 

A Christian Ministry Serving The Poor in Rural Haiti   


Change one child's future through education

and improved nourishment 

Just $10 Month

and a hot lunch each day .

Sponsor A Student 

$10 Month


Moto Pick-Up to transport Teachers- $940

The one time gift of a Moto would provide our staff economical transportation to  pick-up water and supplies for the school & orphanage. The nearest town where they buy rice and beans,  is 8 miles away, down a rough dirt road. Your Gift of a Moto, is both Tax Deductible  and low cost to maintain.  

Moto-Pick-up $940. US Dollar

Help Fight Malnutrition 

All About Manba - Peanuts are grown in Haiti & purchased raw at market to prepare manba. 1st the peanuts are shelled and roasted on an open fire. Then the skins are removed by hand, before they are ground into Peanut-butter. Since it's packed with calories and nutrients, we serve it for breakfast on bread, to help fight malnutrition.

Donate A Bucket of Manba $48  

A Bed For Every Child  - $189

In October 2015, we reached out to help a small orphanage in desperate need of support. Currently they only have 6 beds. 23 children sleep on the floor. A bed provides a child a sense of security and and a small space of their own.  Please consider proving a child,  a safe place to sleep.

A Bed for Every Child - $189 

100% of your gift goes to our mission in Haiti towards to the project of your choice. All our admin costs are covered by our volunteers, here in the states. 


Your gift of $45 can purchase a young goat in our 'Kids for Kids' Program.  A young goat can make a huge difference in a family's life; and provides a steady source of income that can be used to buy food or help with major expenses. This program has been very successful because of the requirements and support from our team in Haiti. 

  • Goats graze on the open hills, so they don't need to be fed.

  • Each family attends "Animal Care Training" .

  • Our team helps families breed their goat, so they can sell the babies at market.

  • Each family that received a goat, is required to PAY IT FORWARD, by donating one offspring to another family in the community.

2016 Needs & gift giving ideas

Pastor Support  $100/month

SPONSOR Our PASTOR - $100/month

In rural Haiti, a Pastor works 24/7 to support his community, but it's extremely difficult to earn any kind of income. For $100/month you can provide financial support to a person who is dedicating their life to do the Lord's work.

Creole Bible - $10

For $10.00, we can put a Bible in to the hands of someone who really wants to study God's word. The picture on the left, is the local church that we have donated bibles to.  They now have weekly bible study meetings. Help us share our Lords word with a gift of a bible today.

                                      Creole Bible  $10.00

Mule $190.00

GIve A MULE to a working family

The gift of a mule to a family provides some relief in their daily struggle. Since families don't have cars, a mule can be a huge help providing a way to transport supplies and water from a nearby village. For a gift of $90, we can obtain a mule for a rural family.