You Have A Choice Ministries , Inc 

A Christian Ministry Serving The Poor in Rural Haiti   


BACKGROUND: In 2010 , following the devastating earthquake in Haiti - a few members of our church realized we had a choice; We could either make an effort to help or we could ignore the overwhelming need of this small country, just 600 miles off the coast of Florida. The impact of the 7.1 earthquake left a staggering 400,000 orphans, most families homeless and the remote, isolated villages, did not receive any help or relief.  

A Leap of Faith - Our "Choice" was to help and we packed our bags! After a short trip to Port-Au-Prince, and witnessing the need, we founded; "You Have A Choice Ministries, Inc".  As an IRS approved 501(c)3 nonprofit missionary organization, we seek "tax deductible" donations to fund our efforts. Our mission is based on our faith in Jesus Christ and to serve the poor and homeless children , in rural Haiti. Through the generosity of others, we are able to continue the much needed humanitarian work, while sharing the love of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

INVESTMENT - Unlike larger charities; 100% of all funds raised, are used directly to fund our efforts in Haiti.  We don't have "administrative fees", because that work is done by an all volunteer effort! Instead; we are able to pay a stipend to our wonderful team of native Haitians, in the mountain villages, that serve as teachers and Claudel, our "Project Manager". (Pictured Above - with the children of Galgal) We believe supporting their efforts are worth the investment, towards a better future for these communities. 

THE FUTURE: Unfortunately, recovery for the people of Haiti has been slow and difficult. ​As our ministry has grown, it has created many opportunities, as well as challenges! We continue to support; 27 children at "In His Name Orphanage" and educate 245 children at Kings Cross School, among other projects to help lift families out of poverty. 

Milestones & Victories

  • Kids-4-Kids Project ; Over a hundred families have received a goat in this small village . These families are required to pay it forward , giving a baby goat to another family . Kesnel, is trained in agriculture, and we are lucky to have him manage the goat program. 
  • 5,000 Gallon Cistern Installed - There is no reliable source for water for this village. People walk miles, to fill buckets of river water. There have been two prior failed attempts to dig a well and the nearby stream often goes completely dry. For now, water is "trucked in", through donations we were able to raise the money necessary to build an underground cistern, to store the water.
  • Rainwater Collection System Installed - Every rain drop is precious, so now rainwater is collected from the school roof and used for the goats, when creek/ground goes dry. 
  • 2014 King's Cross School - We merged efforts with this Christian school for a more efficient use of resources. They are now under the umbrella of You Have A Choice Ministries.  
  • School Kitchen Built - Previously the student's lunch was made outdoors, on an open fire. $2,000 was raised to build a structure to cook a "rice & bean" meal, for the 245 children each day. 
  • School Enrollment Grows - In 2015 enrollment has grown to 245 children attending K-6 school .  Being the only Christian school, this provides us a great opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ with our students and their families.  
  • School Bathroom Built - $2,700 raised and the villagers were paid to build the children a more sanitary structure.
  • Sharing the Word of God - Our weekly Church Service & Bible Study Group has been a answered prayer for many and has grown by leaps since it started. The community uses our school classrooms for studying the scripture.
  • Get Involved: We are always looking for individuals and groups that would like to support our efforts and projects.  While money is important to our ministry, we also welcome your time and talents. We ask you to keep us in your prayers, as the needs are many, as we seek to do God's Will, in all that we do.

2014 - Kings Cross School & You Have A Choice 

Merged for a more efficient use of our resources. 
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